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November 10th, 2013 | Re Attachment Parenting

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Are you teacher, social worker or carer wondering why your behavioural management does not work with some children?

Social worker trying to support kinship foster carer or adoptive parents?
police officer wondering why some children continue come into contact with police?
Family support worker striving to make a difference within the family?

…contact me for advice, practical support and to find out more about the courses, seminars and events we have planned.

About Tina Hendry

Kinship carer striving to ensure information, education and support are accessible to the families who need it.

Kinship carer for past 7 years, Previous employment include staff nurse, and 13 years experience as a police officer in one of the most deprived and violent areas of glasgow, vast experience in youth offending and offender management. Restorative justice practitioner Reiki practitioner . Mellow parenting facilitator.

I learned about attachment on the job, as they say, bouncing from one crisis to another, what am I doing wrong I wondered almost daily. Having grown up birth children, I couldn’t understand why my girls were so angry so distressed, so volitile. I was a police officer struggling to manage a 3 year old.

Tina sharing her expereince with 100 attendees in Sheffield

I studied the work of experts to help me understand my girls behaviour. Thats when I realised that my girls required to be parented in a different way to my birth children. I studied more, introduced a peaceful approach to parenting, I realised that the crisis situations were becoming less and less.

My aim is to fill the gaps of information and support that I have found on my journey as a kinship carer.

I am Passionate to raise awareness of “Attachment”, and the effects of early trauma.. more people need to be talking about attachment. Breaking the barriers of information and education, taking the work of experts in this field to parents,kinship carers, foster carers and professionals who work with children.

Promote understanding to ensure early intervention, encourage behaviours to be viewed via and attachment lens.

Lets look at behaviour as a form of communication



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